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Does this seem Familiar?

Is there something better you could be doing with your time?

Let Pressed-4-Time Help

Individual Help

Whether you are time poor or just want to do something more exciting than ironing pressed-4-time can help you

Business Meeting or Interviews

You need to be smartly presented to make a good impression let pressed-4-time help you shine

Special Family Occasion

You want you and your family to look their best
Let us help with the ironing Pressed-4-time will take care of it

Hello! I’m Kim

This may sound completely mad

But I find ironing therapeutic, put on some music and I one happy bunny, while other people hate the thought of getting out the ironing board I will be happy to do it for you. So, let me help, it inexpensive and I can take the hassle of ironing away. Allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in your life. 

Why you need my help

Some People Will Never Learn

Some people just don’t know where to start, it looks easy enough but you’re burning through shirts like they are going out of fashion. It’s a monotonous task that I can take care of for you. Also, if your a business person arriving at the hotel ready for that important meeting the next day and the travel schedule has creased your clothes, if you haven’t packed your ironing board and iron, then you may need my help.


There are many types of meetings when you need to create a great first impression. Don’t crease up on that hot date make sure you are a cut above the rest.

Interviews are nerve racking without worrying about the crease in your clothes.

Special Events

Wedding, Christening, Funerals don’t allow your family not be pressed to impress we can make sure your family are looking there best.

Let us help your be pressed for success


Getting Started is Easy


Contact for a collection

Contact pressed-4-time get your quotation and arrange a collection


Pressed-4-time policy is to return items with 24 hours unless otherwise informed.

Delivered back to you

Your garment swill be delivered back to you pressed and ready to wear

The Price List

This gives a general overview of garments we iron, if you have any questions or require a quote on a none standard product then please contact us.


Adult Clothing – Cost of Each Garment





Hoodies/Joggers/Flat Jeans






Children’s Clothing

School Uniforms


All other children’s garments


Minimum Order of £12.00
24hr turnaround

Household Items






King Size


Duvet Sets (sheet, cover + 2 pliiow cases)





King Size


Cushions Covers/Single Pilllow Cases


Towels (Hand, Bath & Bath Sheets)


Contact Me

Ask a question, get a quote we are ready to help here at